The Finnish Olympic Committee has chosen the Finnish CHS Group as its logistics and forwarding partner, and the parties have signed a long-term agreement on co-operation. This partnership is of significant importance to the Finnish Olympic Committee, for during the current Olympiad, a total of 14 teams will travel from Finland to different sports events. This emphasizes the crucial role of functioning logistics and forwarding services in the competition activities of the Finnish Olympic Team.

The number of international competitions with several sports disciplines has increased. In addition to the Summer and the Winter Olympics as well as the Paralympics, the Finnish Olympic Committee sends teams to the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF), the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) and the Universiades. The co-operation between CHS and the Finnish Olympic Committee becomes concrete for the first time in May, when the sea freight for the Finnish Olympic and Paralympic Teams leaves the Port of Helsinki and heads towards Rio de Janeiro.

-          We are very pleased to be able to concentrate our energy on promoting sports, as we can be confident that our freight will arrive reliably to the destination. We are sending by sea to Brazil, for instance, the bikes with which our athletes will cycle in the Olympic Village. In addition to these, our teams’ other equipment as well as various Finnish products and foodstuffs, which are used to create a cosy atmosphere reminding our athletes of home in the Village, are transported in containers to Rio. The functioning and trustworthiness of logistics is further enhanced by the fact that our athletes’ sailing boats will be transported from Europe to South America through a unique arrangement specific to different countries, Leena Paavolainen – director of the Olympic Games unit responsible for the Finnish Olympic Team’s preparation process on the road to Rio – describes.

-          We are pleased and honoured of the beginning co-operation with the Finnish Olympic Committee. In CHS Group the unit taking care of sports logistics, i.e. the transportation and freight forwarding of the Finnish Olympic Committee in practice, is CHS Expo Freight. We have extensive experience in specialized logistics and I have personally taken part in arranging transportation to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Salt Lake City. Now that we are heading towards the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we have already begun to prepare the smooth running of the Finnish Olympic Team’s transportation needs. I find this early preparation very important as Brazil’s customs requirements are challenging. I am, however, confident that we will be able to secure functioning transportations, as CHS Expo Freight has well-chosen professional co-operation partners at the destination, Heikki Mattola – director of event logistics at CHS Expo Freight – comments.

The Finnish Olympic Team’s preparations for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are well under way. A new, somewhat different logistics challenge is ahead at the beginning of 2018, when the next Winter Olympics will be held in PeyongChang in South Korea. Within the close co-operation between the Finnish Olympic Committee and CHS Group, which will continue until 2019, high-level working models will be set up to ensure the reliable transportation of the Finnish Olympic Team from Finland to anywhere in the world.

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The Finnish Olympic Committee manages and develops Finnish world-class sports in an ethically sustainable way towards international success. The core unit of the Finnish Olympic Committee is the Finnish World-Class Sports Unit, which manages and coordinates the activities of the Finnish world-class sports network.

CHS is a privately-owned Finnish logistics company operating in international logistics, transportation, warehousing, supply chain management, and forwarding services including customs clearance. CHS also offers specialized logistics services such as event, exhibition and culture logistic, life science logistics, and technical distribution.

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- June, advisory board

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- 8. - 10.11. Visit TransPoland exhbition, a miniseminar at Finnish Embassy Warsaw about Poland and Baltics logistics market

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- And possible other exhibitions, member meetings and business-to-business events

Visit to the Port of Bronka and our annual  autumn meeting (St. Petersburg) will be on 5th  of November.


Thursday 5th November:

10-12 Annual autumn member meeting, lunch

13.00 leaving for Bronka

14-16 visit at Port of Bronka, leaving for Kronstadt

Visit at Containership terminal Kronstadt, dinner


Hamburg, July 15, 2015 – Oiltanking GmbH is pleased to announce the

acquisition of 100 percent of the shares of Vopak Chemicals Logistics Finland

Oy, consisting of two terminals for the storage and handling of bulk

chemicals and petroleum products. This transaction will more than triple

Oiltanking’s capacity in Finland.

The two terminals with a combined capacity of 175,400 cbm are located in Kotka and

Hamina, at the South East coast of Finland at the Baltic Sea. Oiltanking already owns

and operates a terminal in this area under the name Oiltanking Sonmarin Oy, with a

total storage capacity of 81,700 cbm.

After the acquisition, the terminals of both companies will be consolidated into one

company under the name of Oiltanking Finland Oy.

Finland is one of the main transit hubs for the export and import of chemical and

petroleum products in relation to Russia and the other FSU countries. This transaction

will further strengthen the ability of Oiltanking to serve this market segment by

combining the existing well equipped storage capacities with the newly acquired tank


Following this acquisition, the total storage capacity of Oiltanking Finland terminals

increases to 257,100 cbm with 75 tanks in various sizes from 500 to 10,000 cbm. The

terminals in Kotka are connected to two jetties (10.0 and 13.5 m draft) and two

others (9.0 and 10.0 m draft) in Hamina. All products can be received and loaded out

by sea, tank containers, railtank cars and trucks.

Oiltanking GmbH is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, a Hamburg-based family-owned

company that operates in the fields of energy supply, trading and logistics. Oiltanking is the

second largest independent tank storage provider for petroleum products, chemicals and gases

worldwide. The company owns and operates 73 terminals in 22 countries within Europe, North

and South America, Middle East, Africa, India as well as in Asia. Oiltanking has an overall

storage capacity of 19.4 million cbm.

For more information, please visit and


Our annual spring meeting will be on 11th of June (from 10.00 to 12.00) at Helsinki Messukeskus Kokoustamo. For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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